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Man and Van hype, Should you hire anybody?

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Everyone & I mean everyone is searching for Edinburgh man with a van and removal services but should you hire anybody?

I mean sure I understand the whole hype of the Man van service is reasonable but really the question is if you find someone on a local directory should you just hire them and trust them with your possessions? The answer is No! Because if you do hire a simple moving service from gumtree who is to promise they’ll show up on time? You need to make sure before anything that it’s a registered business with a business email and not a Gmail, yahoo etc. It’s important to know that you’re in a legal contract with a written confirmation rather than just a person’s promise over the phone that yes I’ll show up, that’s risky business!


I’ll be reasonable here and explain a few key points as to how you can choose a trusting and reliable man and van removals service and not just a guy with a van –  I promise there is a difference!


Choosing the right local removal service isn’t the hardest task just making sure of the following:

  • They have some experience

  • Insurance Particularly Goods in Transit

  • They have Removal Blankets and a properly equipped van

  • Are polite and reliable

  • Have a Registered business – Address & Email.

  • They Have either a website or if you found them on gumtree at least a Facebook page with a following

  • Have some reviews check Facebook, Free index or simply ask if they have some sort of online presence


There may be more questions that come to mind but these are the most important to ensure you don’t become a victim of a bad removals experience & watch out for local services who don’t check out on the check list.


I always recommend the service I mean if you get a good company that provides cheap and professional man van services, Hire them but avoid just hiring anyone it isn’t worth even a penny and you may end up paying more at the end of the day because customer service may not even be a part of the service they provide and you know what some of the local listings are literally just random guys who have no experience but have a van – would you want to hire them?


Nevertheless, Man and van services also provide fixed prices and not just hourly rates and they can be cheaper than large removal companies but I can’t stress enough that sometimes you have to be very careful and if you have already been a victim to bad removals experience let me ask you something? Did you not read the article on the unfortunate family that lost all their possession to a bad Edinburgh removals company? Make the better decision today! I am saving you money by writing this down so why waste it now?


Happy Hunting!

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