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Moving house the last bit | Don’t Forget These Little Details

Often when it’s remembering the little details that make your move stress and problem free. Thinking about these little things takes time and effort you usually don’t have at this moment. Here is a little help and advice that hopefuuly will help with your removal.

Re-direct mail. This is vital in case important documents go astray. Also it lowers the risk of becoming an identity fraud victim. This can be done at the post office.

You’ll need to register with a new doctor at your new address. If you get the opportunity to visit the area you are moving to, it is well worth seeking out the local doctor’s surgery, a dentist, the local hospital plus checking there is an optician in the area.

Then there are your motor vehicles. You need to change your vehicle registration, vehicle insurance and inform the DVLA to change the address on your driving license. Don’t forget your vehicle breakdown membership.

Some mobile phone companies need a month’s notice or you might get charged. If you have a landline you will need an up to date bill for your moving date. The same applies for cable companies and you may have to return equipment.





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