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Single Item Removals Specialists


Whilst we can assist you move your entire house contents to your new address, we can also help you move  and smaller house moves.

Our store pick-up service is ideal if you need an item picked up quickly and delivered anywhere without any problems. We often get asked to pick-up items of furniture from Ikea and Argos and deliver them to homes throughout Edinburgh

If you have just bought something from Ikea for example we can pick it up for you and deliver it wherever you want within 2 hours. On many occasions we have been asked to pick up an item of furniture immediately from the store where it has been bought. We can do this kind of service without a problem and 95% of the time we can do so immediately. We also have room for you if you need a lift back.

A common problem we also encounter is items that are too big to fit in customers cars. Instead of hiring a van yourself and paying for rental, deposit and excess insurance, simply give us a call and we can arrange to pick your goods up asap. In the past we have picked up up things like motorbikes, wardrobes, paintings and things you would not believe. We regularly are asked to pick up works of art and antiques from McTear’s in Glasgow. Our service includes safely wrapping and securing every item for safe delivery.

If you need something moved outwith Edinburgh City we will give you a free no obligation quote that includes everything including removal and packaging to keep everything undamaged. If in the unlikely event that something is damaged, we are fully insured for all your possessions.

A major benefit of using our service is that we operate a compact Edinburgh removals service that keeps the cost for our customers at a minimum. Normally we charge £25 to move a single item within the city and slightly more if you require multiple items moved.

Additionally at Local Van Man Edinburgh we always assist with the carrying of your things up stairs or over distance if needed. Our motto is get the job done as quickly and without hassle for our customers. We always enjoy a good removal challenge no matter what it involves.

Remember no item is too small and no question is unanswered so always give us a call and we will guarantee to find a solution to your moving problems 7 days a week.

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